Birthday celebration in Luxury Stretched Limousine is really nice idea to go with. Either couples, family or children all age groups and categories like such celebration for Birthdays and Anniversaries:


  • We may offer limousine of your choice with required capacity starting from 10 persons up to 20 persons as we have different brands of limousines with different capacity.
  • Limousine package includes Soft Drinks, Water, Exclusive booking with privacy, LCD Screen, Stereo Sound System, Music options with AUX cable/Bluetooth/USB, Fancy lights, comfortable seating and Chauffeur Service.
  • Birthday Decoration and Premium Birthday Cake can also be provided with additional cost. Special cakes with designs can be provided as well upon advance bookings.
  • Customized arrangement for birthday or anniversary celebration can be arranged.
  • Romantic decoration can be arranged for couples celebrating Birthday or Wedding Anniversary.
  • Please note Alcoholic Drinks are not allowed to be used in Limousines by UAE authorities.
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